Friday, June 18, 2010

Delphi Day photos

After we left Athens, we traveled to Delphi. We
passed the fruit stand on the way; I thought all
you Louisiana people would like those watermelons!
Then, those are pics from the Delphi site. The first one
is the temple treasury. It wasn't necessarily where
they kept money, it was where they kept items the
worshippers brought to the temple. The next one is
the actual temple itself, and it is perched high on the
cliff as well. The walk up was difficult; the marble
steps are worn so smooth by the millions of people
that have made their way up there for the last 3
thousand years! And it was only 103 degrees.... The
next one is our guide, Penny, who was passionate about
sharing her knowledge about the site. And the final
one is just a pretty view of the more familiar temple
colums at Delphi (they are tiny there in the distance).
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