Friday, June 18, 2010

Greece Photos-finally!

I am finally in Corfu, and I am in the lobby of
the hotel, hooked up by wireless connection, and
able to (hopefully) upload some pics. These are
from the 2nd day in Athens when we traveled up
the coast to the temple of Poseidon on the cape of
Sounion. Those are a couple of beach shots from the
bus. Neat boats. And a beautiful resort where I
wouldn't mind living for the next few months. (If
I don't come home...look for me there.) And then
the actual temple itself. Mythology says there was
a contest to see which god would rule in Athens,
and Athena won out over Poseidon. But Zeus, his
brother, felt sorry for him, and had this temple
built for him farther down the coast. It was perched
high up on this hill right by the sea. That is a pic
of the rocks and water below. It was beautiful.

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