Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whatever Floats your Boat

Wouldn't you like to be on that big sailboat
right about now? me too. I love boats, and
I am very happy, because they are everywhere
over here. Everywhere I turn is another
charming set of boats. The small fishing boats
were by a lake we passed on the way; the huge
ferry was our transportation to the island of
Corfu; and the other boats were in various
places on the island itself.
I did a couple of small watercolors in my
sketchbook of some of the boats. When I was
painting on the seaside in Corfu, I met the
most delightful people, all from England.
One couple was from London, and she was an
artist as well, and we enjoyed looking at each
other's sketchbooks. They gave me a great tip
about where to go to see some more great sites.
And the other couple was traveling from Great
Britain as well, and they enjoyed watching me
finish up the painting. That is something that I
enjoy very much about painting on location. I
do not mind at all if someone wants to watch, and
I so enjoy talking with them. You can usually learn
something new each time.
For those of you new ones tuning in, I will have
lots of paintings for sale after I get back, and if
you see something you like, let me know. I am
very inexpensive, and we can work something out!
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