Saturday, June 26, 2010


We are on the cruise ship now, making stops at
a few of the islands. We stopped at Mykonos yesterday
evening, and it has been one of my favorite places so far.
White-washed buildings with blue shutters and roofs..
charming. We did a walking tour of the town, and took
lots of photos. I spent some time sketching before we
had to get back on the boat.
This is the island that has the old windmills on it that
were used for grinding grain. I already did a couple of
paintings of them and the boats in the harbor with all
the pretty little white buildings. There were also lots
of beautiful people on this is kind of a hang-out
for the young and rich. Onassis is said to have stayed
here alot on his yacht, and many celebrities come here.
I think I could stay here and paint for about a month!!
Go to the website and you
can see some photos of Mykonos
or just google it, and there are some good ones.
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