Thursday, January 30, 2014

Initially Speaking

I was asked to do these 3 canvases for a baby shower gift,
and I managed to get them done during the ice storm here
in the South.  They are 12 x 12, and have grey and white
backgrounds.  The initials are wood, and I painted them
pink, and attached them to the canvases.  I hope
they match the nursery...!

And I started on this pelican drawing.  I am using some of my new pencils,
Polychromos by Faber-Castell.  I like them...they are a little different from
the Prismacolors.  I should be able to do the water fairly quickly.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bird in the Hand

Finished this drawing of the Spoonbill.  I used a different
brand of pencil on this one.  I have always and only
used Prismacolors (for over 20 years).  But
lately, their quality has changed.  The leads break
very easily, and the whole pencil is used up just
trying to sharpen it.

I have enjoyed a page on Facebook called
CPAL (colored pencil artists) and many of them are
using a brand of pencil called Polychromos.  So, I
decided to try some of them.

They are similar to the Prismas, but the lead is much stronger, or
at least not as crumbly.  I enjoyed using them.  The colors are
comparable, and they look similar on the paper.

I have already started this photo....another colored pencil drawing on Arches paper.
I guess I am just in a "bird" mood.  I like the mood of this photo....the
peace and solitude.

And I love this gregarious bunch.  They would be fun to draw too.

I notice I am doing a lot of Louisiana birds.  I may try to pitch
a show to a gallery in the area...see if I can get some
of this stuff in front of a different audience.
Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day

Just a few pics from our "snow day" here
in Louisiana.  Woke up to this winter wonderland...
the birds were really cold!  The sun finally came out,
and it all melted....sad!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chinese Food Anyone? China Dinner Party

We are hosting another dinner party/ gallery talk on China this year. 
Pete Schneider will once again be our chef, and I will give a
gallery talk on the trip and artwork. 

The date is February 22 at 6 pm.  The tickets are
$40 a person, and $75 per couple.  There is limited seating, so
please call soon if you are interested. 


Be a Star

I have started my Wednesday art classes again.  Today, these 3
young ladies made a framed star artwork.  They had to
design a circular design...they could use shapes, lettering, colors.
They colored their designs with colored pencils and
we cut them out. 
Then they painted the little wooden frames to match their art.
They had a great time...and didn't even make much of a mess!

If you are interested in the classes:

Every Wednesday   4-5 pm at the Pea Patch Gallery
$15 a class  (they are not consecutive)
Ages 10 and up

Call or email with any questions

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bird Tracks

Made a little more progress tonight.  I am having to
layer more and more color on his breast, to
get it to that really dark value.
I started on the background a little...I was tired of drawing
with nothing but pink pencils!  I think the green will
offset the pink well (they are opposite colors).

I looked up the website for the "Birds in Art" show tonight.
 I entered this show many years ago, and could never get in.
It is held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming every year, and is
a very prestigious show.  I entered for about 8 years in a
row, and was never accepted.  You do however, receive
a catalog from the show if you enter.  The last
year I entered, I was leafing through the beautiful
artwork, each depicting a bird in some way or another.
And then I came to one that confused me.  It was a
painting of a sandy beach and ocean.  Upon closer
examination, I made out small bird tracks in the
sand.  It wasn't a particularly stunning piece: the
composition was lousy, and there was nothing really
dynamic about it.  And I got really annoyed (angry really!).
And I didn't enter the show anymore.  I could not believe
that a painting without even a feather of a bird could
get in, then what was the point!  It was a very immature
attitude.  And I realize now that much of my work was not a
truly professional level at the time. So, anyway, I might be in the
mood to try it again this year...who knows!  But I will
be entering something besides just bird tracks...ha!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tom Peyton Memorial Art Show

I entered these three drawings in the Peyton juried art show
coming up this spring.  I will not know the results
until mid-March. 

I am also considering entering the Texas & Neighbors Exhibition too.
You can check out their website: 
They have a gallery of past shows and winners...
some really nice work.  The show is held in
Irving, Texas in May and June.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spoonbill 2

I made a little progress on this drawing. 
Still have a lot to go!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pretty in Pink

I took this picture of this spoonbill in the zoo in Baton Rouge.
They have a large exhibit of water birds including these,
egrets, scarlet ibis,and night herons.  When I was there,
many of the birds had built nests, and were sitting on eggs. 
It would be fun to go at the time of the year when they all were

I have several competitions to enter this spring, and this is the time of
year I usually start on a couple of show pieces.  I am doing this
in colored pencil, and perhaps it will be entered in the CPSA show.
The show is in Florida this summer.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Watercolor Fun

Been playing around with my watercolors tonight. 
Mixing in some colored pencils too.  Just for fun.
These could be card designs, or flag designs...etc.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Finished Drawing

I have finally had time to finish this drawing.  It really
looks better in person?! It is hard to photograph pencil drawings
for some reason. 
Anyway, I will get this shipped to its new home, out in
Dallas.  I have already drawn the sister at this same age.  
They will make a nice pair of drawings.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Wishes

New Year's Greetings!  May you:
Have beauty for your eyes to see...

Rainbows after the rain....

Friends to brighten your day....
Hope to lighten your load...
Faith to bring you through...
And love to complete your life.

I hope you have had a great day to begin this new year.