Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bird in the Hand

Finished this drawing of the Spoonbill.  I used a different
brand of pencil on this one.  I have always and only
used Prismacolors (for over 20 years).  But
lately, their quality has changed.  The leads break
very easily, and the whole pencil is used up just
trying to sharpen it.

I have enjoyed a page on Facebook called
CPAL (colored pencil artists) and many of them are
using a brand of pencil called Polychromos.  So, I
decided to try some of them.

They are similar to the Prismas, but the lead is much stronger, or
at least not as crumbly.  I enjoyed using them.  The colors are
comparable, and they look similar on the paper.

I have already started this photo....another colored pencil drawing on Arches paper.
I guess I am just in a "bird" mood.  I like the mood of this photo....the
peace and solitude.

And I love this gregarious bunch.  They would be fun to draw too.

I notice I am doing a lot of Louisiana birds.  I may try to pitch
a show to a gallery in the area...see if I can get some
of this stuff in front of a different audience.
Thanks for looking!

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