Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bird Tracks

Made a little more progress tonight.  I am having to
layer more and more color on his breast, to
get it to that really dark value.
I started on the background a little...I was tired of drawing
with nothing but pink pencils!  I think the green will
offset the pink well (they are opposite colors).

I looked up the website for the "Birds in Art" show tonight.
 I entered this show many years ago, and could never get in.
It is held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming every year, and is
a very prestigious show.  I entered for about 8 years in a
row, and was never accepted.  You do however, receive
a catalog from the show if you enter.  The last
year I entered, I was leafing through the beautiful
artwork, each depicting a bird in some way or another.
And then I came to one that confused me.  It was a
painting of a sandy beach and ocean.  Upon closer
examination, I made out small bird tracks in the
sand.  It wasn't a particularly stunning piece: the
composition was lousy, and there was nothing really
dynamic about it.  And I got really annoyed (angry really!).
And I didn't enter the show anymore.  I could not believe
that a painting without even a feather of a bird could
get in, then what was the point!  It was a very immature
attitude.  And I realize now that much of my work was not a
truly professional level at the time. So, anyway, I might be in the
mood to try it again this year...who knows!  But I will
be entering something besides just bird tracks...ha!

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