Monday, March 7, 2011

1940's Memories and Museum

Here is old Clark Gable, decked out in military style.
They were selling Rosie t-shirts along with lots
of other war time memorabilia.

The famous Louisiana artist, George Rodrigue,
(of "Blue Dog" fame) painted this large portrait.

This is the bar with one of the dapper
waiters standing at attention!

This is the new John Besh restaurant in the
Museum. It has the 1940's style as the theme,
and it is quite adorable.

One of my first stops in New Orleans was the
WW II Museum downtown. I had been there
before, but they have done some additions recently.
We met some of my son in law's family here for

One of the things they have added at the Museum is
a multi-media presentation about the war. It is narrated
by Tom Hanks, and it is excellent. It gives a great
synopsis of the war, with touching and emotional footage
and photographs from the events during the major battles.
It made us all proud to be Americans by the time it was
over. It was a great reminder of the magnitude and
impact of that tragic yet triumphant time. If you are
in New Orleans anytime soon, I highly recommend the
WW II will be glad you visited.
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