Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being Positve in a Negative World

These are Brianne's butterflies.

these are Katherine's dragonflies

these are my lady bugs....

One of the "art" things I do each week is teach
some beginner lessons to some children in the
community. It is such fun; they are so eager to try
something new each time. This past week, my two
talented 6th grade girls did this little project along with
me. It was a lesson about positive and negative shapes,
and I had them draw the geometric shapes first. Then
they traced the bug of their choice overlapping the shapes.
Then they colored them in, interchanging the postive and
negative values inside and outside the shapes.
I thought they turned out really neat, and I told them
I would post them here.

then, this week, we added the element of color.
This is my example for them...these graphic
dragonflies. They are still working on their's...will
have to share the final results.

for info on Art Classes:
Beginner Drawing Classes: Pea Patch Gallery
Wednesday Afternoons 4-5pm. Ages 10 and up
$10.00 an hour Please call to sign up...thanks!

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