Friday, March 25, 2011

The Pirate of Pigzance

It's Hog Dog Trials time again..and this is my creation.
I cheated and used red duct tape for the stripes ( I didn't
even know it came in colors and patterns?!) That is
supposed to be a doo rag on his head (the ears make it
a little complicated). Those are dread locks (Jack Sparrow),
and he has an eye patch. He looks like a traditional
pirate to me!
for those of you who do not know about the decorated
hogs: Our town hosts the annual Uncle Earl's Hog Dog
Trials, a competition involving hog hunting dogs and
real hogs in an arena. the dogs bay the hogs and receive
points, etc Hog hunters come from all the country and
parts of the world to participate. It is a really big deal....
The Chamber of Commerce rents out the 800 lb concrete
pigs for the businesses to decorate in order to advertise
the festival. And people really seem to enjoy the pigs.
A woman today from Arkansas told me she keeps a
photo album of all the pigs from year to year...what
a hoot!
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