Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Work

Shell Sketches

I got back to work today on some artwork,
for licensing or manufacturing on some products.
I got away from the birds and played around
with some shells.  just fun....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Show Time at the Barnwell

Mardi Gras show at the Barnwell

Some of the carnival costumes...

My friend, Karen Harrington, with one of her colorful pieces

A jazz ensemble added their musical touch
to the reception

Another one of  Karen's paintings

I really like this one of hers

Me and the Sunset at Lake Martin photo

The opening reception for the Mardi Gras
show at the Barnwell was today.  Shreveport
artist, Karen Harrington and I are the featured
artists in the main gallery.  The show will run till Feb 25.
The Barnwell Center Hours:
Tuesday -Friday 10-5
Sat 10-3  Sun 1-5

Louisiana Saturday Night

White Chocolate Bread Pudding..yum

Roast Pork with Creole Mustard
and Honey Plum Glaze

Our dinner guests

Mardi Gras decorations

Blackeyed Peas and Jalapeno Grits

Shrimp Remoulade

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
 The "Night in Louisiana" dinner party and gallery talk
went well last night.  Pete and Hannah prepared some
great food from all around the state.  The guests enjoyed
it all.  I finished the evening with a short presentation
about my photography and artwork from the Louisiana
show, and my trips down into the swamps and plantations.
We can't wait to do another one!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Bird in the Hand

Still playing around with the whole bird theme...
These two little watercolors are teamed up with
some teal damask..will keep working on them.

We are busy getting ready for the dinner party/gallery
talk tomorrow night.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eye on the Sparrow

I am still working on these little sparrow paintings.
I did the bird in watercolor, then scanned and assembled
the little collages.  Still tweaking them...will post some
We are still doing the dinner party/gallery talk this Saturday
if anyone is still interested.  Please let me know asap is you
would like to come. 

"A Night in Louisiana"  Dinner Party Gallery Talk
Pea Patch Gallery  Winnfield   6 pm  $30.00

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In addition to some of my scripture photos, I am
planning to print some of my art as well.  Here is one
that I put together last night.  I will do a companion
piece, too.  I did the bird in watercolor and the nest.
I painted the stripes.  I scanned them all, added the
background, and arranged them all together.  These
will make nice prints and notecards. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barnwell Pre-View

I was in Shreveport today to deliver some of these
Louisiana-themed artwork for an upcoming
exhibit there.

They are preparing a "Mardi Gras" exhibit for the
month of February.  These costumes, etc are
going to be in the center of the exhibit, and the
artwork will be around the edges.

Downtown Shreveport is decorated with lots of colorful
murals.  This one is beside the Revel grounds
and depicts some of the area activities

more of the same wall mural...

On my way home from Dallas, I dropped off this artwork.
The show will open this Sunday, with a reception from
2-4:30 at the Barnwell Garden and Art Center in
downtown Shreveport, LA.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Black Swan

This beautiful black swan was among the birds that I took the
other day in City Park in Baton Rouge.  I am always interested in
the reflections in the water.  In the top photo, he was swimming
near the bank, and the dark areas in the water are the trees
and shrubs along the bank.  In the second photo, he had moved out
into the open water, and just the blue sky is reflecting in the
water, along with his own reflection.  So, depending on
what I want in the photo, I can wait while the bird
moves around, and get different outcomes from the same
photo op.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative Finds

These great little reclaimed sculptures were done by
Gloria Burson.  She had them for sale at the Vintage section
of the Dallas Market.  I wanted to buy one, and they
were already sold!  You can see more on
her blog:

I also loved this booth.  Her name is Nancy Elaine Davis
and her business is called "Ella Elaine".  She also does
some reclaimed items as well.  I bought a little sign from
her that spelled out "joy" in re-claimed bits and pieces.

I had a great time at market in Dallas.  I learned a lot from several
other vendors and had a chance to meet with the leasing department.
I got a feel for some of the best selling items in the art arena,
and I have lots of ideas.  I will be home later tomorrow, and
will get to work!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Art at the Market

I am at the gift market in Dallas, and wanted to
post this booth I found today.  The artist is Mary
Gregory, and this is her line, Fig Marmalade.  She
does these adorable oil paintings, and then prints
them on tea towels, canvases, pillows, and aprons.
I am going to try to meet with her tomorrow and
get some ideas about marketing.  I love her whole
look here, and I am interested in trying to do
something similar with my artwork. 

January "Blossoms"

 The Susan K Black Foundation "Blossoms" show
is opening in Florida today.  This is the show that I
entered that made me eligible to attend the workshop
in Dubois last fall.  The show has been at the Norton
Gallery in Shreveport for the last couple of months.
It is a beautiful exhibit, and you can view some of it
online at: 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forging Ahead

I am moving forward with my efforts to
produce and sell some of my art this
summer at the wholesale gift market in Dallas.
I met with my cousin who has connections
in this field, and he is helping me to finalize
some of the canvas art pieces.  These are
the first two I have finished today.  I have
been having to re-size, re-work the text,
etc to get them in the correct format to be
printed as 16 x 20 canvases. 
I like these scriptures; I think they will
"speak" to people, and the color schemes
go well with some of the current decorating
trends.  Hopefully, some retail gift shop
owners will agree!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day with the Endangered

We started the day in Kaplan, LA at the
Sunnyside was not sunny

White Lake in south LA;
home to the whooping crane project

Me, Mr. Bob, his son, Mark, and Lee all went to
see the cranes

With Sara, the crane coordinator of the project

We arrived at the site, and these young cranes soon

As the landed, you can see their leg bands that
identify them.  These young birds still have some
of their brown feathers.  When they mature, they will be
all white

This is an adult male from the program last year.  He
still stays around the compound

These are the blinds that we observed the birds from...
very nice.  We had to be quiet and fairly still so we
would not disturb them

Sara donned her "crane habit" and entered to restock their
food.  They eat a pellet with all the nutrients, etc that they
need.  They are making every attempt to keep the birds as
wild as they can.

This is the adult male again, preening.  They develop
the red marking on their head when they mature.  He
was about 4-5 feet tall.

This was our transportation coming and going, very
nice ride

Mr. Bob had always wanted to see the whooping cranes in
person, and planned to go to Aransas Pass, Texas.  When
he learned that this new program was here in the state,
he was able to arrange for us all to go.  They are not necessarily
letting many people in there, but were considerate enough
to allow us today. 
These cranes come from Maryland, where they are hatched, and
then transported here to White Lake.  They are acclamated inside
the marsh enclosure gradually, and begin to venture out as they
mature.  This is the second year of the experiment.  The goal is
to establish a non-migrating flock.  There are only about 300
living whooping cranes in the world.  When I was growing up
in Texas, there were only 15!  They have made some great strides
in trying to help this species recover.  It was thrilling to get
to see them, and encouraging to know that passionate people
are there trying to help them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Black, White, and Blue

Favorite shot of the day...this small snowy egret standing
on the submerged log.  I was dicussing with a business
partner today about the reactions to art:
some are intimidated
some are inspired
some are insulted
some are intrigued
And we were also discussing the difference in interpretation:
This photo could mean "peace" to some..."solitude" to others,
"loneliness", "isolation" , or "stability" and "security".  Each
viewer brings their own feelings and meaning to the table...that
is part of what makes Art such a fascinating thing.  Many people
can see the same thing, and all see it differently. 
I see "peace" and "simple beauty"....symbols of God's perfect
creation and His infinite creativity.  I enjoy finding these quiet
moments and capturing them for others to see as well.
Let me know what it says to you!