Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Plans

As the new year begins, we are bombarded with
advice about goals, plans, and dreams.  Artist Gwen
Fox advises to set goals and post them.  Make a
plan and set deadlines.  Think about "how" to achieve
them.  She says, "A new year is a frest start to give
birth to dreams."  Editor Kim Hall of Professional
Artist's magazine says, " Dreams are what drive artists
to see things in new ways and consider the possibilities."

I have some goals, and some dreams, and I hope that
I can work toward some of them this new year.  I will
share some of them as I go, and hopefully, you can
watch me achieve some of them.  Thanks so much for
following along on this artistic journey.  I so appreciate
the support and encouragement.  Happy New Year to
us all!

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