Friday, August 3, 2012

Workshop Day- John Ursillo

John Ursillo
Some of his work

Another one of his pieces on canvas

My start on the canvas project

As far as I got today

This is the solvent that makes the colored pencil

This is Sandy...she shared my table today.  That's how far she got.

All of us, hard at work

I took the workshop today.  Our instructor was going to teach us to
use colored pencil on canvas...more like a painting instead of a drawing.
The gamsol solvent melts the wax in the pencils, and allows them to
spread like paint.  When the work is finished and sealed, it does not
have to be framed under glass.  Which is a real plus....
I learned a lot, and got to play with the techniques.   I didn't
finish the drawing of the old truck, but I hope to when I get home.
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