Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Face in the Crowd

A portrait in the CPSA show...awesome work
This piece sold right away.

Great work here too.

This piece attracted a lot of attention.  This is the artist's grandmother
who is suffering from Alzheimer's.  The title is "Trapped", and it
was quite poignant.

This is by John Smolko.  I just LOVE his style.
I got to talk to him during the convention.
He said that during a critique, someone told him
that the best stokes he made were scibbles...and so
he does!

Here is a close up of a section where you can really
see all the scibbles. cool
I would like for him to teach a workshop during
the convention.

Another beautiful portrait

There are always a lot of portraits that make it into the show.  I read somewhere
that viewers respond to faces of other people more that any other
subject matter.  They are compelling, and I guess we always like
looking into another face.  Great stuff

Look up John Smolko's work 
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