Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Colored Pencil Convention

View from the Embassy Suites in downtown Covington, KY, looking over
into Cinncinati

more buildings downtown

Great words of wisdom on the wall of a bookstore...

and these too....

I dined outside at the Keystone Grill

Mac and cheese with chicken and ham (Cordon Blue Mac and Cheese)  yum

This bridge was built in 1865.  It crosses the Ohio River

Bird on a wire on a bridge

the sunset over the Bengal Stadium

The riverfront on the Covington side

This is the baseball stadium, and there was a game going on!

The last rays of the day

I am in Kentucky for the CPSA convention.  I flew in late this afternoon,
and checked in to the Embassy Suites.  It is located right on the Ohio River,
and Cincinnati is right across the bridge.  I walked around the downtown,
taking a few pics of the sites.  The old bridge is really had a date
of 1865 etched into it.  I asked for a restaurant recommendation from the
valet parking guy, and he sent me to the Keystone Grill.  I sat outside and
it was quite pleasant.  I had the mac and cheese (a specialty here), and it was
scrumptious. They had all different kinds..some with bacon, some with vegetables,
some with different kinds of cheese.
I strolled around till the sun went down.  The football and baseball stadiums are
right on the river...very cool.  And there was a baseball game going on.  The boats
on the river can hear the play by interesting seat.

I am free tomorrow till the evening meeting.  There is a long  yard sale here,
that goes all the way to Michigan!  I doubt that I will make it that far! but I may
find some neat things close by.
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