Monday, August 6, 2012

Colored Pencil Explorations

I am back from the CPSA convention, and I wanted to try out some of
the new things I learned while there.  I took the workshop that covered using
Gamsol with the pencils, that helps melt the wax and allows them to
cover a rough surface.  I thought I would try it on this piece of tile.
I sketched off the rooster, and started with a light coating of the pencil.

Close up of the is very rough!  The red section has already had th e
solvent applied, and you can see how it spreads.

This is the finished drawing that I started in the workshop.  I added
the background and tweaked the body of the truck.  I also finished the
back end of the truck.  I can see where this  technique would be
good for certain subject matters: rust, rough textured objects, and perhaps
some more "painterly" subjects such as flowers, etc.  I will have to play
around with it and see just what I can make it do.

Here is the finished tile with the rooster.  I am going to seal it with the
glossy sealer, and that will change how it looks.  It can be
displayed on an easel as a little art accent piece.  cool

You might be wondering something about all of this.  Why would you want
to make colored pencil look like watercolor?  Why not just use watercolor, and then
layer pencil over it.  Well, it all has to do with the exhibition.  The CPSA limits
what can be exhibited in the show: it has to be 100 % colored pencil.  And there
are many artists that want to stretch the medium and what they can do, but
still be eligible to enter their work in the international exhibition.  So many of
the artists are experimenting with ways to get the effects they may want,
but only use colored pencils.
CPSA has responded to this however, and has added a second
show that allows for mixed media pieces, as long as the majority of the
work is in colored pencil.  This is an online exhibit only, and is referred to
as the CPX show.   You can view lots of colored pencil work on the
CPSA website, as well as check their blog, etc.  If you are an artist
working in colored pencil, you should consider joining this group.  They are
very professional, and well organized.  There are district chapters in many states
(not Louisiana!?), and you can be part of a larger group of similar-minded
people, and be inspired.
On Facebook: Lovers of Colored Pencil 
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