Saturday, August 4, 2012

On with the Show

The location of the CPSA show

Attendees at the reception

"Rolling in the Deep"  my entry

This was one of my favorite pieces in the show...just beautiful.  Hard to believe
it is a demonstrates what a talented artist can do with it!  This did win
an award, but not Best in Show (I thought it should have!)

Suzanne's entry:  "Great Knockers"  ha ha!
This is done by a wonderful lady that lives in Texas.

This piece is by a young art teacher from Minnesota.  It is a tribute piece to his
grandfather who passed away recently.  He drew the old photos of him as a way
of working through his grief.  awesome

And this is the Best in Show piece.  It is nice, but I did not believe it was
the best piece in the show.

This piece won the second top prize.  This artist, Cecile Baird, does lots of vegetables and fruit
with lots of light...way cool.

I really liked this piece, just cuz I like birds so much.  It was beautifully rendered, delicate and

I have been coming to this show for several years now.  I am always impressed with many of the entries, and always a little disappointed in some of them.  This year, the juror, spoke to us at the awards banquet about his selections and some of the process.  For him, it was
all about selecting and presenting a "show"...a cohesive unit of work that was
exemplary, but work that filled certain catagories or groupings that would
be good hanging together.   I do not know if other jurors use this same procedure.
I would hope that just the best would be selected...not that some would be
overlooked simply because there were already enough of that type or
catagory.  Anyway, it leaves many things to be discussed, and we artists will
continue to ponder over show selections as long as we continue to enter!
I am just happy that my piece was selected at all!
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