Friday, August 10, 2012

Sales and Smiles

Watercolor of old house in Santa Fe

Watercolor rooster with colored pencil accents

Dr. Calvin Phelps and his tiger print: "Rolling in the Deep"
 Had an enjoyable day in the gallery today.  I sold the top two
paintings to a collector from Monroe, LA.  She had already
bought a print awhile back, and wanted to add some originals.
She liked those two paintings: the old house near Santa Fe, and
the rooster.  I painted the old house while out in New Mexico
during a workshop.  The aspen trees were turning that fall, and
added the color to the landscape.  The rooster was one that I
photographed in Monet's garden in Giverny, France.  He was
strutting all around the garden, and I thought he was so handsome.
I decided to let him extend onto the mat around the painting....
with some colored pencil accents.  She really liked that touch.

And that is the winner of our tiger print giveaway last Friday.
He was very excited and happy!  He said his sons are already
fighting over it.  I hope he manages to hang onto it!

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