Saturday, August 4, 2012

For the the Zoo

A cockatoo, stretching his wings

Being stared down by this great horned owl

A chickadee bath

Baby Adele penguin...cute

I made it to the zoo today...what a nice place.  Cincinnati can be
very proud.  It was lovely; lots of beautiful landscaping and
gardens.  It was a hot, sunny day and there were LOTS of families
with children (I think I was the only one there by myself?!)
I took some pics, and decided just to post the birds.  The cockatoo was
right inside the gate, and he was climbing all over the palm tree,
cackling and flapping his wings.  They had a "Night Hunters" building
that was dimly lit, and housed all the nocturnal creatures that
hunt.  This great looking owl was right inside the door.
I love little sparrows, and I know they are not "zoo" birds,
but they were everywhere!  And I had never seen a young penguin...
too cute. 
The cutest thing there, however, was the baby cheetah.  But I was not
able to get a good pic of him.  He was tiny, and in the animal
nursery.  He will be a real attraction when he gets a little bigger.

I am going to attend the artist's reception for the CPSA show tonight, and I will
try to post some pics later.
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