Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinnochio and Gondolas

The Cincinnati Art Museum 
Old ink drawing of Venice

Another ink sketch of Venice

Oil painting of the city and a gondola

While I was in Cincinnati, I had the chance to visit the art museum.  It is in a
lovely part of the city, in a park high on a hill overlooking the Ohio river.

One of the collections on display was all about Venice (one of my very
favorite places).  Some of the local artists had traveled there early
in the 1900's and these were some of the resulting art pieces.
I really like the drawings.  As an artist who works on paper, I always
like to see drawings that survive, and are considered important
works of art in any museum.  It made me want to come home
and drag out my Venice photos, and do something!

The large Pinocchio stature was outside. I am not sure
about the story behind it...will have to look  it up.
It did make me smile!
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