Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little of This, A little of That

Giclee print of some Narcissus in Pots   The original was sold several years
ago.  I sold this print in the gallery this week.  Someone bought it as a gift
for a friend.

8 x 8 trivet printed with my design!
These came in today...very excited.

The other trivet design...along with the original painting that
inspired it!

Birdhouse scripture photo     This was framed and sold to a couple that
lost their house to a tornado a little over a year ago. 

This is a watercolor that I did years ago.  A customer brought it in,
and wanted it framed.  It is ready to go!

And this is the progress I made on this drawing tonight...still a long way
to go.

Busy day today...I sold some artwork/framed some more/ unpacked
the finished trivets that were received today/ and worked on this
drawing tonight.  And helped serve lunch!
Hope you had a great and productive day as well.

I have also contacted all of the CPSA members in the state (
only 11 of us!) to see if we can get together for a meeting.  I have offered
to hold an exhibit at the gallery of all of our work...should
be really cool.  I hope I hear from all of them soon.

8 x 8 Trivets  $24.95
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