Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Man's Trash....

Yard Sale  Main Strasse Covington, KY


I bought some treasures from Lyda...some beautiful carved ivory jewelry

I may have lost a I bought some

How bout' a smoke

I made the yard sale this was great.  It was located in the
Main Strasse part of downtown Covington.  It is a quaint, historic part of town
with some German heritage, with lots of shops and cafes.  I had a good time
looking at all the goodies, and I met some very interesting people. 

There was one man who was a retired civil engineer, who had written his
college thesis on the importance of the invention of lead, and how the
written word and pencil drawings had changed life as we know it!  I bought
several vintage pencil sets from him.  I would like to do him a little drawing
before I leave town, and take it back down there to him!  Fun day...
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