Saturday, January 14, 2012

Among the Clutter

I don't know about other artists, but I tend to
be slightly unorganized.  I spent the better part
of today straightening out the studio at home
and the studio at the gallery!  I think the Christmas
chaos took its' toll, and in my haste to get things
done, stuff was stacked and pushed aside.  Now
it is time to "de-stack", and I found all kinds of

I came across the little oil painting shown above.
It was painted by the young man in the photo during
my week in Dubois at the SKB workshop.  His name
is David Yeager, and he lives in Colorado, and is
college age.  He is quite the musical and artistic
prodigy.  He did the painting of the area known as
Horse Creek, in the photo above also.  I did not see
him paint it (I was in the watercolor class, not the oil
one).  However, at the end of the week, we all donated
some work for the silent auction, and I bid on his painting
and bought it!  And I un-earthed it today in the studio.
I will try to get it framed and hanging on the wall, so
it will avoid being buried again.  And I am enjoying
everything being in its' least for the moment.

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