Monday, January 16, 2012

Black, White, and Blue

Favorite shot of the day...this small snowy egret standing
on the submerged log.  I was dicussing with a business
partner today about the reactions to art:
some are intimidated
some are inspired
some are insulted
some are intrigued
And we were also discussing the difference in interpretation:
This photo could mean "peace" to some..."solitude" to others,
"loneliness", "isolation" , or "stability" and "security".  Each
viewer brings their own feelings and meaning to the table...that
is part of what makes Art such a fascinating thing.  Many people
can see the same thing, and all see it differently. 
I see "peace" and "simple beauty"....symbols of God's perfect
creation and His infinite creativity.  I enjoy finding these quiet
moments and capturing them for others to see as well.
Let me know what it says to you!

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