Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Adventure

I am getting ready to go on another photo adventure
soon.  My travel guide, Mr. Bob, has arranged for us
to get to see the Louisiana whooping crane population
down at White Lake.  It is an experimental group that
has been relocated from Aransas Pass in Texas.  The
Louisiana Department of Wildlife is trying to get a
group established here in south Louisiana to help
with the endangered species.  This is the second year
they have been at White Lake.  Several of the cranes
were killed last year, by predators and disease.  They
are planning to add to the flock to replace the birds, and
the new ones will be introduced this spring. 
There should be lots of other migrating birds there as well..
geese, ducks, and other shore birds.  So, hopefully, the
weather will cooperate, and we will get to see some history
in the making! and some pretty white birds.

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