Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative Finds

These great little reclaimed sculptures were done by
Gloria Burson.  She had them for sale at the Vintage section
of the Dallas Market.  I wanted to buy one, and they
were already sold!  You can see more on
her blog:

I also loved this booth.  Her name is Nancy Elaine Davis
and her business is called "Ella Elaine".  She also does
some reclaimed items as well.  I bought a little sign from
her that spelled out "joy" in re-claimed bits and pieces.

I had a great time at market in Dallas.  I learned a lot from several
other vendors and had a chance to meet with the leasing department.
I got a feel for some of the best selling items in the art arena,
and I have lots of ideas.  I will be home later tomorrow, and
will get to work!
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