Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Great White Egret
A few white pelicans....

goose gossip....

more pelicans on the shore

sundown over the Mississippi

must be husband and wife...not speaking

Started on my whooping crane photo trip today...
just the first leg.  I am in south Louisiana, and I
took these today on my way through.  The
white pelicans only come south for the winter,
and you can find pockets of them staying together.
I wanted to get them out on the lake, but
they were all on the bank.  I like the
egret shot in the tree limbs...would be fun to
draw or paint. 

I meet the other photographer and friends
tomorrow.  We won't get to go into the reserve until
Tuesday morning, and it looks like rain.  We will
try to make a decision tomorrow.
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