Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Birds....

I am still working on the coconuts, but don't really
have anything to post, so I thought I would put up
some more birds. Birds were on my mind tonight,
because they were all around today. This morning,
there was a guinni hen in the yard (I don't know
how to spell it?!) Anyway, it probably wandered over
from someone's farm nearby, and the cats were intrigued.
Upon spotting it, they instantly went into their "Simba
the Lion" modes, stalking it across the lawn,
creeping on their bellies, actually believing they were
invisible in the freshly mowed grass. It just kept moving
away and clucking frantically. When I left for church,
the standoff was still in progress. At church, when
discussing phobias, there were two friends who were
afraid of birds, deathly afraid. I told them they could
never go to Costa is a bird paradise!
Enjoy these photos of some of them...another hummer,
a green parrot, and a Barbet, I think.

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