Thursday, July 17, 2008

Costa Rica Photos

I am still working on the seashell painting,
so I thought I would post a few more
Costa Rica photos. I walked right up to
this huge is not an iguana. He
was shedding his skin; as they grow, they
do that. The leaves had fallen in a lake,
and I did not arrange them. They were
huge, too, about 15 inches long or so. I
love the reflections of the sky in the water
as well. The butterfly was one in a butterfly
house located at one of the hotels. And the
sunset is on the Pacific coast.
I have started planning our trip for next
year. We are going to go to Paris for 9
days in April. I have been there before,
but only for 3 days, and the weather was
terrible. I want to really go and paint on
location the whole time. I already have a
couple of people interested in going with me.
If anyone would like info on the trip, just
email me.

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