Friday, July 18, 2008

Finished shells

I finished the shell painting tonight. It was
done for someone specific, but I am going to
do several, and see which one she wants.
I am doing some smaller coordinating ones
to make a group.

I guess this is regarded as "decorative" art.
There are a lot of artists that refuse to do
anything in this genre. I don't have a problem
with it; I believe in doing all kinds of art.
And since I have the gallery to run, and
overhead to pay, I will do almost anything
a client wants, as long as they are willing
to pay for it. Some of the artists that I
know of, only want to do what they
consider "fine art" and often their work
is very un-marketable. Then they wonder
why they are not selling anything. I am
very lucky to be able to sell my work, even
in the small town that I live in. But I also
know some of the things that people are
looking for. Right now, I hope they are
looking for blue and brown seashells!

Down by the Seashore orig acrylic on canvas
32 x 40 $500
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