Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Draw

I started this pen and ink commission tonight. It
is a log barn that belonged to a man who would
like to give this to his daughter. I am doing the
house as well. I will do them in ink, and then
paint them with watercolor. The ink is permanent,
and will not bleed when wet.

I finished framing the last piece today that is going
to be in a juried show next month. I have to take
them over there early next week. The two that
were accepted were:
1. "Tuba or not Tuba" a pencil drawing of a
street musician in New Orleans
2. "Logged On" a colored pencil drawing of some
turtles on a log
I will try to post them tomorrow.

For info on House Portraits: sheltongail@hotmail.com
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