Monday, June 21, 2010

The People of Greece

When surveyed, most people will say the
subject matter they enjoy looking at most,
is other people. I don't usually take a lot of
pics of people; I feel intrusive or rude sticking
my camera in their face. But if I can get
one from a distance or discreetly, I will. So
here are a few of the "people pics" from the
last few days.
The shepherd was along the highway, and our
sweet bus driver stopped so we could get a photo.
It is one of my favorites so far. The two old men
were right down the bench from me (see top photo)
while I was painting, so I snapped them unaware.
The street musicians were in Corfu serenading an
adjacent table. The Greek man in his embroidered
vest was outside a shop in Metsovo. The buggy
driver was very bored I think; tourism is down, and
I don't think he had many takers of the buggy ride.
And the charming young dancers performed for us
at a tavern in Corfu. And that is me painting in the
village of Metsovo. I have many of the other travelers
offering to take my photo somewhere, but I don't
often want in the picture. But I do like a record of me
actually working once in awhile, so there I am! I
really did some painting in Greece, and I have the
picture to prove it!
go back a few posts and let me know your favorite
window photo...i will be giving a painting away,
check it out.

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