Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Great Day in Corfu

That is the sunrise over the island of
Corfu where we spent the day yesterday.
(aren't all of you proud of me that I was
up before sunrise!)
Our morning tour started at the palace of
some of the royal family. It was beautifully
decorated, and had really nice gardens. That
is a bronze statue of Achilles that was in the
garden, and the marble one is of him as well,
only as he was dying from the wound to his
Achilles heel. (if you have any questions,
just rent the movie, "Troy" and enjoy Brad
Pitt's body). Moving on, we did a walking tour
of the downtown, including the plaza, small
city streets and shops, and a church. The cute
boy wanted me to take his picture, and I have
forwarded it to a friend already! The vegetable
markets were everywhere, and I always enjoy
seeing all those things they take home to cook.
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