Sunday, August 14, 2016

Answered Prayer

All three of these pieces are going to competitions in Texas next week.
The "Not So Angry Bird" and the "Bike Shadows" are going to Clifton
to the Bosque Conservatory show.  I just heard today that the "Wrinkle in Time"
(the rhino) is going to Irving, Texas for the National Animal Art Exhibition.
Both of these shows will be during September.  I hope to get to
the opening reception in Clifton...don't think I can make the other one.  Will
have to see.
This is all very exciting.  I have been very frustrated in the last year
or so about my art career, etc.  I finally just prayed about it, and told
God that I was essentially getting out of the way.  I was giving it all over the Him,
and if I was supposed to succeed, it would happen.  I think some of this
may be an answer!  To God be the Glory!  

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