Monday, May 23, 2011

Gone to Market

Down in the French Quarter... a small cafe near

the French Market flea market.

They sell fruits and vegetables in part

of the French Market...yum.

Lots and lots of hot sauce...


Flea market sandals...pretty.

Lots of jewelry and a bored vendor!

More jewelry, very colorful.

I spent the weekend down in New Orleans.

I was there attending a wholesale

jewelry/gift market held at the New Orleans

convention center. On Saturday, however, I

wandered down to the French Market Flea

Market that is only held on the weekends.

There are all kinds of vendors, from voodoo

dolls to sunglasses, from fruits and veggies

to sandals and sundresses. I bought a couple

of treasures, and ate some goodies (there is

lots of food, too!) And I could hear some

jazz just right down the street. It's a great

place to spend a weekend afternoon. Wear

comfortable shoes and bring some cash!!

I did go to the wholesale market as well, and

brought back lots of cool stuff for the shop.

Come by and check it all out...I should have

it priced and out by Wednesday. fun, fun....

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