Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Literary Light

I mentioned awhile ago that I was helping one

of our graduating seniors do their senior project;

here is the finished product! Congratulations looks great. She wrote the story about

a firefly, Wattson, who is bullied for being different

(a very current topic!). He is embarrassed by his

light, and becomes discouraged. When a caterpillar

is trapped in a dark log, however, it is Wattson who

comes to the rescue. She tied in the scripture in

Matthew about "letting our light so shine before

men, so they can see our good works." It is a

precious little story, and she did a great job on the

illustrations as well.

She is printing them on Shutterfly and selling them.

They are $30, and she can take orders for them. They

would make a great gift, or you might like to donate one

to your library or preschool. You can let us know at the

gallery if you are interested. Way to go Wattson!

Let Your Light Shine! $30 each

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