Friday, January 28, 2011


Are there things in your life that you tell yourself,
"I'm going to get around to that some day...."
I can those things, "rountooits". I have whole lists
of them.
I received a really interesting gift at Christmas,
however, that should help me get around to one
of my tasks. This is the Stratford Labs negative
scanner; a fascinating little device that scans
negatives into your computer and converts them
to a digital image! wow! I only started to take
digital images with a digital camera about 4 years
ago. Until then, all of my photos were taken with
a Canon SLR on film. (some of you may wonder
what that is?!) Anyway, I must have 10,000
negatives filed and stored away. And some of them
are priceless images, at least to me. So, the white
azalea you see above, was the first of many I hope
to scan into my computer. It will be time consuming,
but I hope to do a few a day, and at least get "rountoo"
some of it!
Stratford Labs Negative Scanner: scans all sizes of
negatives and slides Check for prices
and availability
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