Friday, January 14, 2011

Atlanta and Appointments

I am in Atlanta at the Gift Mart, amid the ice and
snow on the streets! I met briefly today with a
woman with this company, The Painted Planet.
They represent 22 artists, and license their designs
to various manufacturers. I simply wanted some
feedback on my portfolio, and she obliged.
She basically said that she could tell I was from a
fine art background. She said that I needed to design
more specifically for products. And to think about
how well the designs would transfer to the product.
She thought the more painterly things (the pastels,
the watercolors) wouldn't translate as well as the
more linear designs.
It was interesting to hear her comments. I hope tomorrow
to hand out some brochures, and make some contacts.
I did finally get to meet Vickie, who is also an artist
seeking to get into the licensing field. It was good to
exchange some ideas and some insight with a colleague.
We both will have to keep our chins up, and to forge
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