Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peace like a River

I don't know if it is as cold where you are as it is
here, but it was a good day to stay inside. I spent
some time working on a few scripture photos. I am
getting ready to start marketing them as either
prints or notecards.

This photo was taken back in the fall at Lake
Claiborne in northwest Louisiana. The water level
had gone down, and the wonderful sand ripple patterns
were left behind. They stretched the length of the
shore, and I enjoyed posing leaves on the ridges in
different ways. I think this is the first one I took, and
it is one of my favorites.

I will be giving away something this month; haven't
really decided what yet. But if you sign up to be a
"follower", you will be eligible for the giveaways.
Welcome to my new follower; I look forward to several
more of you joining up!
Scripture Photos 12 x 18 Fine Art photo $35.00
5 x 7 blank notecard + envelope $5.00
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