Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two for One, and One for Free

I've been having so much fun with these RiddlePics.
Here's two more. My husband, (who is extremely
left-brained?!) could not guess the top one. But he
got the bottom one. More to come.
I think I will give an original one away at the end
of this month. The winner will have their choice.
To be eligible to win, you need to be one of the
followers. I draw the winning name from among
the list of followers. So sign up, and you may be the
lucky one this month!
I am signing up for an art licensing workshop in NYC
later this spring. I am so excited. It is taught by
Cheryl Phelps, and covers licensing greeting cards
and other products, self promotion, trade shows,
developing a product line, etc. You can google her
and see her work. I am sure I will learn alot. It may
not be too late to teach an old dog a new trick!
RiddlePics originals 9x9 $50 each
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