Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Friend named Jack

Several years ago, Jack Hanna made an appearance
at the zoo nearby, and I attended the event. It was
a luncheon where he did a presentation about
wildlife, and showed us some of his animals. It was
great. I have always liked him, and I was anxious to
meet him. I had taken some of my "RiddlePic"
artwork with me to give to him. I did get to meet
him, and he was impressed with my work. He loved
the word pun idea. I told him I would draw one for
him. His pet rabbit is named "Jack", and I ended up
drawing him one of these RiddlePics. In return, he
sent me a copy of one of his children's books about
animals. It was all pretty cool.
Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50.00

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