Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riddle Pic Revival

Several years ago (nine to be exact), I started
a series of drawings that combine an animal
and an object, and when said together, they
form a word pun. I called them "RiddlePics".
I have done lots of them. I published them in
calendars, sold originals and prints, t-shirts,
etc. I have always enjoyed doing them.
I am going to start doing some in a more
graphic cartoon style. I have made a list of
about 110...and I am going to start doing them,
going down the list! This is the first one. You
can leave a comment to guess it. I am waiting
on some markers I ordered to color it. I wanted
a slicker look than the colored pencil I usually use.
I plan to eventually publish them in a small book.
You can let me know if you would be interested
in one. Let me hear from you.
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