Friday, January 22, 2010

When I was about 10, I took a drawing class
down at the YMCA in the summer. We learned
to draw some cartoon animals, simple shapes,
with some personality. I loved it. And I can
still draw some of those first little cartoons I
learned a LONG time ago!! Anyway, one of the
animals we learned to draw was a horse. And
when I teach children, it is almost always the
one animal they want to draw.

I think I read somewhere that there is a special
bond between horses and people. And I am sure
those who raise them and care for them could
testify to that. I have never had a horse, but I
have ridden them. And they are thrilling to be

This RiddlePic is one of those old sayings. One
of the judges in our little town has one of my more
finished versions of this in his office. His wife
bought it for him because she told me he says it
all the time! (like I believe this is all he says>?!)
Anyway, if you are a follower, you could win this
one, or one of your choice at the end of the month.

Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50 each Bristol board/marker

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