Friday, April 1, 2011

Bucket List Personified

"Not all who wander, are lost"

The cafe inside the gallery attracks many visitors

from near and far each week. I really need to keep

a journal or list of all the interesting characters I have

met over the years.

On Monday, 2 couples from Canada came

in and ordered coffee and lunch. They were on

motorcycles that they had "trailered" down to Arkansas,

and they were in the process of exploring most of the

South on this trip. They had strange accents, and I

am sure they thought mine was hilarious! Anyway, they

wanted their cornbread with honey and jelly, and I

thought THAT was hilarious....

Our next interesting couple came in late one

afternoon, armed with a clipboard and lots of enthusiasm.

They were also in the process of exploring the whole

state of Louisiana, systematically by points of interest

carefully researched and notated in her clipboard. I was

touched to find out she had been diagnosed with luekemia a

few years ago, and now in remission, was in the process of

seeing as much as she could. They had already done Mississippi,

and were working their way after Louisiana to Arkansas,

and hopefully Oklahoma. They live in Flower Mound, a suburb of

Dallas. They take a few weeks every couple of months, and

check off neat places on their list. They were having a great

time, and I encouraged them to keep a journal or blog of their

experiences, and they were excited about adding that to

their journey.

I wish them safe travels and lots more destinations together.

Oh, that we all could life to its' fullest, and make our

days count. amen

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