Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Gallery Scene

I am down in Covington, LA for the weekend, and
I am visiting a couple of galleries here. These are
from the Brunner Gallery, a contemporary art gallery
in the historic downtown area. I have observed a lot
of abstract art lately; I believe the decorator's are
using it in the newer homes and corporate buildings.
And I just have a few comments about it. If it is well
done ( good design, center of interest, contrast, etc), I
do not have a problem with it. Some well done abstract
work can be very pleasing. However, if it has poor design
elements, sloppy craftsmanship, weak color sense, etc...
I do not consider it a "good" piece of art work. And sometimes
collectors or buyers get talked into buying something that
is recommended by the decorator, etc, simply because "they"
say it is the latest thing...the next new artist, etc.

I tell buyers in my gallery, that they must love the art work,
no matter what the type, subject matter, or artist. They are
going to have to live with it, and it should be something they
will be happy to wake up to every day~! And as for the matter
of where to put it..if they truly love it, they will find a place for
it. And the other advice I give them, is to buy the original if
they can afford it, instead of the print. Original work is going
to last longer, and hopefully become an investment piece.

Anyway, there is my two cents worth on the gallery scene.
Any questions, please feel free to let me know!!
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