Friday, April 1, 2011

Peyton Memorial Art Show

The First United Methodist Church hosts the Tom Peyton Memorial Juried Art show every spring. The church does a lot to promote the arts, including this show, a student exhibit, various workshops and lectures, and other art events. It is located in Alexandria, LA. I attended the reception here at
the church this evening.

This is Charlie Veers. He was my biology teacher in

college. He has since retired, and now he weaves

pine straw baskets; an ancient handcraft still used

by many of the Indians in our state. This basket was

juried into the show, and he was very proud!

This is "Savannah Swim", the colored pencil drawing of

my great niece enjoying the water. I think it is one of

the best drawings I have ever done...too bad the judges

do not think so! It has not won anything except honorable

mention in any show it has been in...I am very disappointed.

This pottery vase, "Hurricane", took top honors this

year..the $1000 prize. The church will purchase it, and it

will remain in their permanent collection.

And this is me, managing to smile, in front of "A Wrinkle in Time",

which was the Viewer's Choice of the show (the viewer's vote for

their favorite piece, and they picked mine!). This prize, although nice

to win, does not come with any monetary amount!! oh well

It does make you stop and think however, if everyone liked this,

and thought it was the best piece in the show...why didn't the

judge do the same?! things that make you go hmmmm.....

You can leave me a comment and cheer me up...I have a

bad case of sour grapes!

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