Friday, April 22, 2011

I egret to inform you...

Do you ever get ideas while driving? I spend a lot

of time behind the wheel, with time to think. I had

the idea to paint on the glass of one of these old

windows recently...something "Louisiana"...

so I tackled it today.

I bought several of these old windows just the other

day at a junk shop...this one would be perfect. The

glass is really old and slightly wavy, very cool. I

washed it off really well, careful not to knock off all the

old chipped paint. I started on the bird inside the

house, and then decided to move outside when it

got really messy (me slinging and dripping paint,

and old, chipped paint crumbling to the floor)

I added the details (not many) last, and then

sealed the whole thing: the wood with a heavy

coat to seal all the chipping paint, and the

painted glass with a spray sealer. I may

mount another piece of glass over the painting

to protect it, and give it a shadow box effect.

Still thinking about it...but I like the way it

turned out. too much fun...

Egret "Through the Looking Glass"


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