Friday, April 29, 2011

Nesting Time

These are such "Louisiana" images...white egrets.

They are not my photos, but I will have a chance to

take some in a couple of weeks. Every spring, huge

numbers of these birds nest near Lake Martin in

south Louisiana. Just this week in the gallery, a couple

from New York came through on

their way to do some birdwatching.

I filled them in on Lake Martin, and they were going

to add it to their agenda. I have planned several times to

try and go photograph them, but it never has worked

out. I am going to try again. Hopefully the weather

will cooperate, and I can get some good shots. I

am also going to stay with a Cajun friend in his home

on a bayou where he feeds the alligators, raccoons,

and owls. He is a real character, and I am looking

forward to spending some time with him and hearing

his comical Cajun stories. Hopefully I can remember

a punchline or two, and share them with you.

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