Saturday, April 30, 2011

Egret Art

Since I talked about getting to photograph the

egrets soon, someone asked about some of my

artwork of the birds. This one is a watercolor

with high contrast between the white bird and

the dark background. (sold)

This piece is a colored pencil drawing. The

techniques used with watercolor and colored pencil

are very similar. Both mediums are transparent, so

color can be layered, and the color built up, working from

light to dark. The layering helps the colors to glow. I also

used a dark background here to show the contrast

between the white bird and his surroundings.

This piece is sold as well!

Had a lot of fun today at the Downtown Garage

Sale in Winnfield...sold lots of stuff! and visited

with lots of people. We may do it again in the

fall. Will let you know.

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