Thursday, April 21, 2011

Style and Inspiration

As artists, we are constantly seeking inspiration.

Someone lent me this book this week, A Life of

Style, by Rebecca Moses. What a nice, refreshing

look at style in our lives, and where to find inspiration.

I like the illustrations as well..very delightful.

Some excerpts:

1. By opening our minds to new ways of thinking...

by being honest about the things we love and don't love..

by being brave, by getting rid of negativity, by opening our

eyes, hearts, and spirits to new positive thoughts, by

discovering and embracing our own uniqueness...and by

searching for inspiration.

2. Inspiration is food for our spirit.

3. Read, read, read...books, magazines, newspapers.

4. Travel, explore, see movies, dine, socialize, do flea markets,

and antique fairs

"Creative people pull from all sources: books, theatre, travel, music,

art, photos, film, political events, etc. All of these things enter our minds

and challenge our vision and thoughts. Inspiration makes us grow."

As I seek to work on art pieces and collections, I am constantly

seeking inspiration. I find it everywhere. And Rebecca Moses

does too. And you can too! Be observant, look around at your

world, and you will be inspired as well. Now, if I could just find

that paintbrush?!....

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